is Hi-Res all that?

I am not one to post on message boards too much, but this seems like the appropriate crowd for the question. I will start with an apology if this is a tired or over-asked question. If it is I would ask that someone please supply the relevant links to previous posts - I searched and didn’t come up with anything specific.

I have reacquainted myself recently with my music collection (all digital - sorry) and I am an intent sort. I have taken the opportunity to listen to some of the newer Hi-Res recordings available via Qobuz, and compare them to my lossless rips of CDs. There are two recent examples where I have noticed that a CD quality recording is head and shoulders better than the Hi-Res version. All of this music sits on an Innuos Zen server passed through a Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2v2se. I will preemptively say that I am adjusting listening levels with a decibel meter, so I don’t think this is simply a listening volume/remastering level issue. All files are 44.1/16 FLAC-lossless accurate-ripped by me unless otherwise indicated.

First is Robert Cray on Strong Persuader. the CD version seems much more open and airy. I notice it mostly in the cymbals and snare, which on the purchased 96/24 version lack crispness and the snare drum sounds boxy and less natural. same thing at the edges of his voice.......just kind of dull. CD version noticeably better (not subtle).

The other glaring difference is more complicated. Van Morrisons Moondance. While I prefer the original mastering in some ways (less tambourine on Into the Mystic for example) the original CD version is a little muddy, and the downloaded remastered 96/24 version from Qobuz seems a bit clearer, but the remastered "Japanese" CD version is more open sounding than either. same textural differences as above but even more noticeable. Interesting that the dynamic range is least on this recording. One does have to adjust the volume down quite a bit for a fair comparison but the textural difference remains.

Being scientifically inclined, I can generate several hypotheses from these observations, including that it’s only about the mastering. Another is that my DAC does well with simpler material, and something in the conversion of Hi-Res to analog is tripping it up. I don’t think that this is true because I have plenty of other Hi-Res material that sounds wonderful.

Leaving me with what to do with these observations. Before anyone recommends that I switch to vinyl, I don’t have the time or energy to start that from scratch, and I have seen other posts complaining about variation in pressings and frankly that seems like the same rabbit hole just different medium. Another would be to look at different DACs that somehow might be more consistent in treatment of digital information - as long as everything doesn’t become consistently mediocre I would be open to that. The simplest, although least efficient answer seems to just listen to all digital options and then choose a version that one prefers.

I am no stranger to hard work so if this is a brute force issue I can do that, but my time is limited and would prefer it to be filled more with listening than auditioning. I fully understand that there is subjectivity here, and that my "favorite" might not be yours, but the differences that I am hearing (clarity and airiness for lack of a better descriptor) strike me as desirable to most in this hobby. Is there an online resource that tackles this variability that might help me to at least winnow the field?

thanks for reading.
I suspect the OP has encountered different remasterings for High Rez vs CD issues and a few of the High Rez masterings were not up to snuff.  I listen primarily to Classical and my suspicion is that pop music is more susceptible to this, because recordings tend to be assembled of musicians not playing all together in one space.
All.thanks for your responses.As i worried, these differences are not obvious from the packaging or the marketed resolution, but only there for those obsessed enough to listen and discriminate. Ditto there doesn't appear to be any easily navigable venue to help eliminate some of the chaff.
I appreciate the links provided and indeed there is some insight to be found on Hoffman's website. On that site there of course is debate amongst listeners (which i fully expect given our individual preferences) but at least one might narrow down what the favorite 2 or 3 recordings might be, assuming of course that someone took the time to start a thread about a particular recording.
Leaves me to wonder if maybe Roon or one of the disc information sites like Discogs etc might be interested in adding ratings as a feature for individual recordings (or pressings if that is your jam). Unlikely to come from Tidal or Qobuz given the conflict of interest. hard part would be acquiring reviews from individuals....once acquired though might be a great resource.

Anyway enjoy your holidays and happy listening.
For me - how the band was recorded (spacing etc) much more important than the bit rate. Just because it's hi-res doesn't change that fact. More than happy with CD quality. 

Generally I find all hi-res re-masters to sound poorer than the original - as they are quite literally artificial.