Is it possible to have vinyl nearly noise free?

I’ve been cleaning my vinyl starting with spin clean then using Orbitrac cleaning then do a vacuum with record dr. And finally putting on gruv glide..and I still hear some ticks and pops. Is it impossible to get it nearly completely quiet? Would like to ask all the analog audiophiles out there. Please share what is the best method and sequence to clean vinyl..thx everyone.
I've played some LPs 100s of times (well at lest 100-200) and they are close to or about the same sounding as when I purchased them for use on higher end equipment.  The quality of the vinyl is very important if the equipment is correctly aligned.  Poor quality vinyl will deteriorate rather quickly (some off-brand vinylite 50s  LPs appear to sound worse every play).  I try not to play an LP more than once in a 24 hour period so that the vinyl has time to cool and relax after playing (the heat in the groove is high during play).  
fleschler, you worded it better than I did in my post : not to play the same record over and over again, giving the vinyl time to relax, as that was spoken about at that seminar. It is possible in that video I spoke of, the vinyl, as you say, was poor, or the vinyl was one that had been played over and over again, within a short amount of time. I really don't know. As frightening as the close ups of ant armies, filmed and shown on the animal planet and the discovery channels. 
Got this idea from Hifi Critic magazine and it works.

Freeze a couple of records (after giving them a machine clean if you wish) and then use a rather strong magnet to take out metallic particles. Use a brush also.

Let them come back to room temp and try playing them.

Or, leave them cold (not frosty) ... and play them.
I agree with what voice of vinyl says.  After spinning vinyl for over 50 years, I have used discwasher products, LAST products, a stylus cleaner and purchased a VPI 16.5 record cleaning machine.  The VPI was a godsend, especially for old records that I found at used record stores.  Probably the biggest difference in sound quality and in reducing audible surface noice was the purchase of a Well Tempered Labs record player that I coupled with a Krell KPE phonostage.  I also clean the stylus after playing every side.
You don’t mention what your system is. I think every element of the system has something to contribute to this from the quality of the LP to the cleaning process, the cartridge, the turntable and motor, and the phono stage.

In my system, noise is almost nonexistent or at least so minor that it is not an issue for me so here is my system and approach.

1) I buy only LP’s that are rated VG+ or better from dealers with a good reputation
2) I clean before each play on a Loricraft cleaner
3) I have a Transrotor Fat Bob TT which has magnetic floating bearing (IMHO this is the single most significant factor in reducing noise. I have had several other turntables and none have been as quiet as this)
4) I have a ZYX Airy 3 cartridge and Graham Phantom 2 arm

There are certainly better systems out there but all I can tell you is that with mine, clicks and pops or any other noises are a non-issue.