Vinyl in Dallas

Going to big D near the end of February. Will be looking for some vinyl shops.
Check out Forever Young

it's on Hwy 360 between Arlington and Grand Prairie.

and Bills records in Dallas.
Half Price Books, Records and Magazines has multiple locations, great place to spend looking through used to see if there are bargains.

The big store on NW Highway is overpriced and well picked over, the locations in Richardson and Plano sometime have good stuff at bargain prices.
It depends on what you are looking for. If for rock or jazz or folk or country, Forever Young is great, and definitely worth the trip from Dallas. However, you will not find one single classical LP in the store. For that, you have to look elsewhere, Half Price being the best place. They have many locations all over the area. If you will be in Fort Worth, there is a guy on the TCU campus, on University Drive, with a shop called Record Town. He himself is not very knowledgeable, but he has a good selection of used LP's, all types of music.
I'll add onto what other have said...

If you only have time to seek out one spot, go to Forever Young. It's by far the most organzied and interesting record store in the metroplex.

I'm a big fan of Half Price Books (and I make a weekly or bi-weekly trip to the HPB near my house) but it's hit an miss, and probably nothing that you wouldn't find (out of sheer dumb luck) near where you live. Great stores if you're a local, but nothing to seek out (unless you're in town for a while and looking for evening adventures). Albert is right - the out-of-the-way HPBs in older suburbs yield the best vinyl.

I haven't been to Bill's Records in several years, but every time I've been I've found it to be *WAY* overpriced. However, they do have a ton of stuff and would be a place worth seeking out if you are in town.

Another place I stumbled upon a few years back is Books & More in Denton, Tx:

Books & More
1626 W. University Dr.
Denton, Texas 76201
(940) 387-9022

I had found this place a many years ago by accident, but didn't pay attention to how I found it (I was just driving around in a new area). Well, I came upon it again in 2006. Great selection of interesting (used) vinyl. For example, multiple linear feet of Beatles releases (various releases and conditions). The vinyl is sourced through Cliff West a.k.a Record Hound ( Pretty easy drive - exit 469 east (just north of the I-35 split).

Mind you, *none* of these places are anywhere near eachother. If I had to prioritize, I'd hit:

1. Forever Young
2. Bill's Records
3. Books & More

And whatever Half-Price Books is nearby. I have not been to Record Town in FT. Worth, but that may be an adventure for this weekend.
many thanks to all for the info. as classic rock is my most played vinyl along with electric blues Forever Young seems like a winner. its been a while since my last visit so I am looking forward to our trip. hockey, king tut, jonny lang and vinyl. thanks again goners