Is MC150 an upgrade over MC7100?


I recently purchased a  McIntosh C15 pre amp and then went on to get an MC 7100  poweramp. Both are slimline models and they actually go well together. The amp combination is largely neutral, smooth, detailed, and has a good grip on bass.  On some upper registers, it could sound slightly forward but non- fatiguing  and overall, an enjoyable presentation.

As things go, an MC150 power amp is now offered to me, it is 50 watts more than MC 7100 and has autoformers.  The amp is in good condition, tested as well , but it does cost quite a bit.  

So am wondering, should I switch my MC 7100 for the MC150. Would it be considered an upgrade? Sound quality wise  would it provide a significant difference?

Am curious what the autoformers would add. Some say it adds a classic McIntosh sound as compared to non-autoformer amps ( like the ones I have) something which I would like to experience.  Lookswise, the MC150 is certainly  attractive with the blue metres.

I run Klipsch RP 6000f which are highly efficient at about 96db. 

Hope to hear your thoughts. It will be useful in making my decision.

Appreciate it.