Is Mcintosh mc2300 a good amp for Magnepan MG-IIIA

I am a newbie. I bought an mc2300 at a pawnshop (no joke) for $500. The amp was dead. Hoping it was the power supply I walked out of the store with a hop in my step hoping that I had gotten a steal of a deal. Anyway, I ended up spending $600 to get it totally refurbished. It looks new. So, I have this amp and nothing else. I have the opportunity to buy some magnepan MG-IIIA's at a good price. Is this a good match? I listen to just about everything except rap. In addition, the guy selling the maggies is also selling a GFA-555 amp and a GTP-500 Preamp from adcom. Should I buy these goodies and possibly bi-amp the maggies? Will the mac amp go well with this particular preamp/tuner. I have heard differing opinions on whether to go tube on the pre-amp or not. Eventually, I would like to have an all mac system. I just think it looks cool and is a good investment. By the way, I have never heard any good equipment before. The best system I have heard was in a home theater setup about ten years ago. It was running all adcom. I could have swore there were like five 555 amps in there!!! INSANE!! I am 28 (today is my birthday) and I am seriously into music. Please help!!

I haven't heard the combination you speak of.The Mac should power the MG3a's without problems.I believe it's 300 wpc channel which is plenty for the Maggies. You will have to find out for yourself if the combination works for you though.Oh yeah happy birthday!!

Good Luck!
i dont know how it will sound with the maggies but i can tell you that the mc300 was a great amp for me & from what i know about magnepans it should be a perfect match.

if it was me i would get the maggies & hook them up to the mac along with a cd player & see where i stand & how i like the sound before i bought the adcom stuff.

check the listings here for a mcintosh preamp & see if you can get a mac pre for the same or less than the adcom before jumping into anything.


The MC2300 has lots of watts, typically about 450 per channel and will drive just about any speaker due to the flexibility of the output autoformer which has taps for every speaker impedance. This amp will be happy if you can run a dedicated AC line to it from your fuse box. Any pre amp will work with the MC2300 which is a true classic amp.