Is the DCS Rossini DAC a DNLA device?

My Bricasti M21 DAC is recognized as a DNLA device and becomes a powerful media renderer. I am using my M21 as a DNLA device and it works perfectly.

Is the DCS Rossini DAC a DNLA device? If not, is there any way to add DNLA capability?

For example, the Bricasti M5 network player is a network interface and media renderer that connects to your server via a local area network. Could the Bricasti M5 Network player work with the DCS Rossini DAC to provide DNLA support?

Bricasti M5 Link:

Is anyone using the DCS Rossini DAC in a DNLA based system? Thoughts? Thanks....



A friend had a Rossini, and once I got onto his network, I found the Rossini in my DLNA control point (BubbleUPnP on Android) and played music to it. Source was MinimServer/BubbleUPnP Server on my home NAS. It sounded great.

So my experience is that yes, the Rossini can serve as a DLNA client ("renderer") -- a very good one.

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@mike_in_nc,  Thanks. Is the DCS Rossini DAC a DNLA device as standard equipment or is something extra component required?  

Nothing extra was used, AFAIK. It was addressable from a good DLNA control point.