Is the MF A3-24 DAC that disappointing?

I've noticed several nearly new Musical Fidelity A3-24 DACs listed in the classifieds over the past week. Are they that disappointing that people are dumping them quickly?????
Not a good sign. Of course the ones selling them will never let on. Separates,(common rap) sending kid to college-need the money. Who knows, but it's not a good sign. I was very interested in this product, but now I don't know. Time will tell. And I got the time.
I am very happy with my MF-24 DAC as is a mutual friend who ordered his unit a little before I did. Several people who have heard my system have been impressed with the MF as well.
I think it's still too early to make the purchase. Give it a year or two and the price on the MF DAC will drop a couple hundred more. I thought about buy the MF A324 DAC when it first came out, but figured the price will drop on audiogon fairly quickly.
I am one of the people that just sold one. I didn't find it disappointing at all. It was very dynamic with excellent defined bass, nicely detailed mids and a great high-end; it's the first time I actually heard cymbals sound real, with a metalic sheen or shimmer in the decay.

Is it the best digital I've heard...nope.
It is the best $1200.00 digital I've personally heard though. Even though I think the Stereophile article was cheerleading a little too hard, I too found that the DAC would really shine on less than optimal CDs (the Strokes CD was actually listenable).

I sold because I came to the conclusion that the $$$ should go into the transport & unfortunately my audio kitty didn't hold enough for both.