Is the NuPrime CDT 9 Pro a Best Kept Secret?

Recently the lens fell out of my heavily moded (Musical Concepts)  Pioneer PD 65 which I use as a transport, toslinked to my Audio Alchemy DPP/DAC. I glued it back in, but it won't play.  I  may have inserted it upside down, alas, there was no telling which way was up even wth my magnifying glass

so I am in search of a transport. The NuPrime CDT 9 Pro (MSRP $795) caught my eye, but I cannot find a review

Anybody know anything? 
I have the latest Jay's Audio CD transport.  Built like a tank is an accurate description.  Sonics are superb, especially thru the I2S output.  Highly recommended.  Cheap? No.