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Power cable Advice...
Grover Huffman Pharoah is a phenomenal power cable that I have in my reference system on my JC1 monoblocks as well as on my Puritan power conditioner.  They were around 750 bucks each for 6 feet, I think.  
Zavfino and Neotech OCC Interconnect
Zavfino Silver Dart ICs are tremendous ICs that I use in my reference system.  I have some of their lower tier speaker cables in my exercise room system.  They too are very strong performers.  
which 6sn7 gives the most air??
DCS Bartok v Meitner MA3 v Esoteric N05XD
@rossb u just identified the holy grail of this audio hobby for me. That is, to find great gear without spending the absolute top dollar. And as u nicely point out, not spending top dollar does not mean cheap on an absolute sense.  
Power cable recommendations for wyred 4 sound Sti-Intergrated amp
Grover Huffman Pharoah power cords are superb.  
Experience with adding super tweeter?
Love the addition of my supertweeter to my modded Aerial Acoustic 7ts..  My current one is the Enigmacoustics.  Definitely more air, top end and delicacy.  When I started a thread on this topic, I got posts telling me that it is not possible for m... 
Ways to make your digital streaming sound better
A Waversa LAN filter was a very nice upgrade to my streaming.  Brought it clearly closer to cd...  
Help me pick some new or used speaker cables
Grover Huffman Pharoah speaker cables  
Yes, cables do make a difference -- regardless of price...
@crozbo you are dead right that cables make a difference in your sonics.  I also had a revelation recently  about the sonic benefits of a high quality power cord on my monoblock amplifiers.  I truly think some of the cable deniers either have not ... 
Cd recorder continuation
I still burn cds using MAM-A gold cds off JRiver MEDIA off my laptop.  I do load cds onto my Melco server.  There is an audible difference on my highly resolving system.  CD > server > streaming.  All three sources do though sound really goo... 
Need a big favor picking a preamp
Aric Audio Motherlode preamp is superb. Best preamp I have ever owned including my Supratek. It won’t break the bank like some other Audio eye candy will...  
Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?
Getting 50% of retail on many used items listed here is good.  I had a pair of open baffle speakers that took two postings to sell - a first for me having an ad expire without a sale.  It sold for about 55% of retail which is what I paid several y... 
Canary Audio Tube amps
I have a pair of CA-160 monoblock amps that have been modded and are just sitting on the floor in my stereo man cave.  They are very powerful, sound refined and are just very nice amps.  
Waversa, any views
The LAN filter is superb.  Very audible improvement in the soundstage, lower noise floor and ambience.  Much bigger impact than the USB filter for sure.  A definite keeper.  
Upgraded my cables and they transformed my system!!!
@kennymacc awesome to hear that your cable upgrades have yielded sonic bliss for you.