Is the PS Audio PerfectWave P10 Power Plant worth it?

I'm interested in learning and hearing about your experiences with a power regenerator like the P10.  The science behind a pure sine wave AC power supply makes sense to me.  Can you guys share your experiences?  The audio quality in my house varies a lot depending on all kinds of different factors.  I'm trying to figure out if a power regenerator is the way to go to get consistent performance.  Thx
I have been using a PurePower 1500 for quite a few years now. I highly recommend regeneration. It improved dynamics quite a bit.
I have my whole system plugged into it. The PS audio regenerators have a fine reputation. 
Wow! if you can swing a P10 then have at it.  I went from a PPP to a P5 and can't believe the improvement!  The P5 and P10 are so much better in design and execution.  I can plug my entire system including my McCormack modified DNA-1 amp. into the P5.  What a benefit it is to be able to offer my amp regenerated power!!  The sound is so smooth, pure and resolved!  The P10 is reputed to be better still.

Carpe diem!
Thanks for the info guys, I agree the P10 is expensive new, I saw a few used ones selling in the $2k range.  I'm also considering the P5 as well.  I recently bought a new DAC, so I'm completely out of funds. Will probably get something next year. Doing some homework now :). Thx