AES/EBU suggestions for Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ and PS Audio PerfectWave Transport

DAC+ and Transport are on the way.

Suggestions, please, for an AES/EBU XLR cable that won't further break the bank?

And, what length?  They'll be close together.

Thanks in advance.
I use a Kimber Orchid .5m length. Very highly thought of with numerous excellent reviews. My last cable.
I recommend Have Inc. I own three of these puppies. Canare cable and Neutrik XLR connectors are pro gear. Highly rated. And $25 for a 2ft run. Sure, you can spend $400 on the Kimber cable but why break the bank? Here’s a link:
Benchmark Media combines the Canare 110 ohm cable with Neutrik XLRs for a $40 AES/EBU cable that works fine.