Is the Rowland Model 12 sound that good?

My friend has been talking about how good is his Model 12 lately, is it really that good if compare to others high end line? Then why I hardly see any reviews (only one) on the Audio Review web page? What is the major difference between Class A and Class AB power amplifier? Thanks Jonny
Is the Rowland Model 12 really that good? In a word NO, good does not even begin to describe the Model 12's sound. Is it really that GREAT is more like it. The Model 12 is if not the best power amplifier it is certainly up there with the best at any price. It is smooth, articulate, fast, throws a hugh, wide and deep soundstage, images like crazy and just envelopes you in the music. Actually it locks you into your seat for hours at a time and lets you just get lost in the music. To my ears the Rowland Model 12 is the best power amplifier ever created and I've heard alot of amps, tube and solid state. These silver beauties are gorgeous!
Bravo- Lets here it for the understated amps that stomp on the Krells and Levinsons of the world. I would have to agree with the claims of the Rowland Model 12 and would like to add the Ayre Model V3 the the landscape...IMHO I believe this amp is killer in a wide variety of setups. Best-Gary
JRDG model 12 is that good, sure it is. However at this price point JRDG is facing stiff competition . There is a handful of amplifiers which are current state of the art and are "fighting" for that title "best of the best" such as; Spectral DMA-360,Pass X-600,LAMM M1.1,Goldmund 28.4+(evolution),ARC VTM-200 Keep in mind, I am not putting down JRDG they are fine products and I have owned them in the past (model 1,6,8Ti) they are superior to Krell and Levinson that's for sure. I just believe that you should look at it with open mind and check out your options. Good Luck Tommy
I recently auditioned a pair of these babies in my home system driving a pair of Apogee Divas for a week. They are for real! If you hear somebody complaining about the sound of these amps they forgot that Rowlands invert phase compared to most American brands(just as I inadvertantly did initially). Alas I purchased a demo 8T instead because I am poor.