Is there a better deal than the AT OC-9 at 200?

I own 2 turntables and one has an OC-9 recently purchased and the other has a very tired SUPEX MC cartridge. I am willing to spend up to $250 but I can't find anything the equal of the OC-9 unless I go to 300 to 400 dollars. Any suggestions on a budget MC cartridge?
Not in that price range. If you want to spend a little more, the Clearaudio is definitely a step up (but it's also costs $350). I haven't heard the Denon DL103 but I think Origin Live sells them for about $140 or so... that may be a serious contender.

In these days of cartridges like the OC9, the DL103, the Dynavector, Clearaudio Beta, I simply can not justify anyone spending more than $350 on a cartridge. The money is better spent on records (just to note that I have 4 turntables including a Well Tempered Classic with the Beta, a VPI TNT 2.5/JPW Memorial with an ATOC9... these cartridges are not embarrased by the company).
I have a OC-9 on my Linn with a Ekos arm and am quite pleased, after listening to a friends LP12 with a Arkive I plan to upgrade to that when funds allow but there is a 2K difference in price.
Needle Doctor has the Ortofon MC25FL for $250, haven't heard it but it's on my short list of cartridges in that price range.I'm giving some serious thought to buying the OC-9, from what I understand, you want to make sure you get the OC-9 with the Microline stylus and not the older version without it. Does anybody know when these were last made?
I am using the denon 103 cart right now and am very happy with the sound. For the price, i think its probally hard to beat. Im somewhat new to the vinyl game, but have heard quite a few truely wonderful sounding systems. The AT is supposed to be great, i just thought id give an opinion on the denon.

My choice would CLEARLY be the Clearaudio Aurum Beta S MKII.
I currently have it installed in a Well Tempered arm on a Linn LP12. In comparison with a Grado Sonata a friend brought over, the construction and sound were very different. The Grado had a midrange rich sound with overblown ill-defined bass and was lacking in detail. It was noisier when installed on my Linn as well.

The Clearaudio has a lead body and weighs 10 grams. It tracked better on an Ortofon test LP. The Beta is much more linear and much more detailed, a trait I can't live without considering owning many moving coils over the years. This detail is never harsh or forced at you like a cheap MC design, definitely not "hi-fi" sounding . The Beta has a greater dynamic range, is much faster and way more transparent. It is very musically involving and I can listen to it for hours without fatigue. I can best describe it as having the great qualities of a MC design combined with the virtues of a top flight MM. It sounds way more expensive than it sells for and I am no longer interested in spending any more money on another expensive MC design.

I bought mine from my local dealer/friend at a reduced rate. I believe either Audio Advisor, Needle Doctor or Acoustic Sounds sells it at a discount. Also, there is a trade-in allowance going on right now that will save you even more money. I would recommend it to anyone looking under $1,000.00 for a cartridge, it's that good when set up correctly, and you'll be able to do it. As a matter of fact, I'm listening to a Stan Getz LP right now and am loving the way it sounds. My analogue rig betters my Theta Separates CD player by a long shot. You'll love this cartridge and it can be had for a song and dance.

Happy Listening,
i guess needle-dr raised the price of the ortofon mc25-fl, since i got mine, at $225. still, i tink it's a great deal, even at $250. needle-dr recommended it to me over the at oc-9, when i was trying to choose... but, i haven't heard the oc-9, so i can't compare the two... the ortofon is a very neutral, accurate, great-tracking cartridge. good detail, not dry, not *too* warm, either. i'm using a pentagon solid-state fono-stage, w/a tubed melos preamp...

doug s.