Is there a solid fuse-like item that I can use in place of a fuse, to bypass it?

Hi All,

instead of using a "gourmet" fuse in certain situations, I want to bypass the fuse entirely with a solid piece of metal. I also want to avoid soldering-in a piece of wire in the fuse’s place.

Are there solid pieces of silver or copper, the same size as a fuse, that i can swap into a fuse holder?


@fai_v I don’t know what type of device you are looking to bypass the fuse in. But I can tell you from experience that if you have Magnepan speakers and want to bypass the fuse with Mike Powell’s silver tube upgrade, it is safe. Just be sure when turnng your system on and off that the preamp is turned all the way down and the power amps are turned off first. 

To fuse, or not to fuse, that is not a question, NO.  A fuse by any other name is still a fuse, Yes.

Why do you want to do that ?

Do you want to give your insurance company an excuse not to pay you if your equipment starts a fire, albeit a small chance ?

Besides, contrary to almost everyone who think they can hear better than a dog and believe that a fuse changes the sound, the claim is snake oil, it has absolutely no effect on the sound. So, by bypassing it, you will not actually improve anything.