Is there a substitute finger lift for Thorens?

I recently acquired another Thorens TD-126 Mark III tonearm wand, but it is missing the finger lift. This is a vital part, as the cartridge bolts to it.
Does anyone know of a current-production headshell with a similar lift? Or, does anyone have an original lift for sale?
Thank you for looking,
Eric Strasen
My experence with ones like the SME is that while the cartridge bolts pass through the finger lift the arm could be used without it. In fact I used my SME IV without the lift for some years thinking that this marginally improved the sound. I would assume that the part you have has two holes in it; if it does then you may not need the lift; you can fabricate one out of aluminum or wood if you need one to manuver the arm. Usually I have found that if a part can be detached from the main structure the device can be opperated without it. For example I leave the anti skateing device off my arms.
A friend steered me to an eBay site listing SME headshell finger lifts for sale. Although there is a small design difference, the SME lift will work on a TD-126 arm. The price was right (around $25, including shipping) so I bought one, figuring it looked a lot better than anything I could fabricate.