Is there a such too much power for speakers?

How do I know the amp I’m looking to buy is beautifully enough power for my speakers?
what will happen when the power amp is (way) over or too much power for the speakers?
My Local dealer quoted, “there aren’t limits on power amp, (but my budget that is). The more, the better, they added”
Their suggested highest amplifications are in $75k range (my speakers are in $20k range)
Please help.
Interesting, how many children is the dealer trying to put through grad school?  On the serious side, I blew out a 10 inch ESS AMT4 driver with a 50 wpc Acoustic Research integrated in 1974.  As most others have stated already, an underpowered amp can lead to serious speaker issues.  OTH I have blown up several amps in my later 20's due to volume and alcohol ingestion, the speakers were ESS towers and did not suffer damage.

I bought a Digital Amp Co 4800a last year, 200 wpc.  Was so impressed that recently a DAC Maraschino on ebay, that was purchased,is even better.  Tried a lot of US amps in the 200 watt league.  The JBL Synthesis was nice, the Acurus was a slight improvement.  DAC amps let everything come thru, much better than the above.  Clarity, soundstage, detail, image, depth, soundstage were much better.  Yes it is a class D, if you have not heard them, give them a try.  Their max amp is priced at $6900.  The 4800a developed a loud hum, it was the toroidal transformer, tightened it down but still loud enough to hear.  DAC owner Tommy O'Brien offered a fix, that would upgrade it to Mega Maraschino with a linear power supply, at an affordable price.  Any of high power cherries will give your 75k amps a run.  

I run Magnepan speakers, none of the previous amps I used had the absolute silent background, nor detail that the DAC amps have brought out, especially on classical music.  All of the above is in my opinion.  Good luck in your search for sonic happiness.  Jerry
It is not how fast you go but how you go fast. You want to go as fast as you can as good as you can. Get the goodest, biggest amp you can afford. There is no such thing as too much power. The more head room the better. Distortion kills more speakers than power. There is nothing more dangerous than a dull tool.
The issue with very high power amps and damaging speakers is not from sustained listening but from a sudden burst, which can happen by accident with a bad setting. For example, you can have mute on somewhere back in the chain and try to turn the power up to listen. Then you realize that mute is on so you take it off and bam - 500 watts into your speakers. It also can happen when you have a wrong input and turn up to the volume. When you change back to the correct input the same thing can happen. These type of accidents do happen and, with high powered amps, it can be a problem. It only has to happen once.

Of course constant clipping is also a problem, but with a $75K amp, it is probably not going to clip very often.
@fundsgon My speakers aren’t too hard to drive, SF Elipsa SE. currently mating with VTL tube amp ST-150, 120wpc. Since I’m now in a bigger room 15’x20’, I need more powerful amp.Bea Lam from VTL suggested between MB-450 (425wpc, $25k) and S-400 (300wpc, $25k)My Local stealership suggested me the more powerful, more expensive, the better which is their flag ship mono block Siegfried (650wpc, $75k).. I knew something wasn’t right. First I don’t have $75k. Second, I ain’t paying $75k 
 Side note: I’ve been eyeing on The next model up from mine, the S-200 (200wpc, $12k) very nice unit but they tend to skip it for the higher ones. 
Any VTL owners want to chime in?
Greatly appreciate