Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.

If you somehow got stuck in a situation (lol) and had to spend the rest of your life completely by yourself, all alone, on a desert island ... and, as part of your situation you only got to choose one album to spend the entire rest of your life with.

Let’s say, some weird circumstance, and you also had at your complete disposal the system of your dreams, that you had assembled thru the years. And thank goodness you were a prepper and you thought ahead to install a solar power system, so power would never be a problem either.

Kind of like Tom Hanks on that island, except instead of a just a soccer ball, you had your dream stereo setup and one album only.

One album and that’s it. Got to pick one. Not necesssarily your all time favorite album, just one you could live with for the rest of your life.

Is there any album that just completely does it for ya, on that level?

I’ll kick things off by sharing mine: Steely Dan, Aja



@ellajeanelle I understand the gravity of the situation, trust me, and could not agree more that it would be just tragic to only have one album forever and ever. 

How about if we modify the situation and say: you get to choose 10 songs for the same purpose, but we'll call it a Desert Island Playlist. What would yours be?

I'm with pgaulke60 on this one.  That's why I chose the soundtrack from Spike Lee's Crooklyn.  It's a double record with some diversity, but it's mostly all about soul/r&b stuff from the late 60's and 70's.  Thats where I discovered Cymande amoung others~

There IS a way out of the problem of having to pick just ONE album.

A summer job in my formative years involved working on the apparatus used in PhD grants, and when there was a gap….us part-time guys were sent to the experiment station farm to chop weeds in 1/4 mile long rows (the plants had to be free of pesticides).

The way I stayed sane was to play my favorite albums, one by one, side A then side B, in my head.

As indicated by Hesse in Steppenwolf, the music externally will never sound as good as you imagine it inside your head.