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Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
If you decide on Pass, skip the X150.8 and go directly to the X250.8.  Had the 150 for a while and traded it for the 250, no comparison.  Don’t really know why they even added it to their line up.  Owned 3 different Parasound products and while ‘n... 
I don't get it...Exile on main Street-Blue
I really dig bands like the Dixie Chicks and chick singers that sound like dudes.  Masculine sounding babes like Joan Armatrading, Cassandra Wilson, and Me'Shell N'Dageocello rock me, like my back ain't got no bone!  Woke up this mornin', feelin' ... 
I took Frank Zappa’s advice
gonna mix me up a tall glass of white port and lemon juice !   
Help me spend $100,000 on a new system
“Crap tube Cary mid-fi” - unbelievably uninformed and clueless prejudice towards an iconic American brand that continues to produce outstanding products at reasonable prices    
Need a big favor picking a preamp
First Sound dual mono, tube, dual external power supplies  sleek, subtle, classic in appearance  excellent support, upgrade-able   
Magico A3 replacement
there’s a pair of Manger P2 passives available on Audiogon right now,  hugely popular in Europe, few US dealers, but a fabulous product multiple international reviews available and not one has included anything negative  full disclosure - I own... 
Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
Eat a Peach   
speakers for small room
Mihorn evaluate speakers via a video !  Madness I say, madness !!!!  
"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down".
In the name of everything sacred to man and beast, I think The Little Village album is fantastic! The Weight is among my favorite top 10 songs of all time.  I am also of the opinion that Robbie absolutely smoked Clapton on Further On Up the Road o... 
Perplexed on how single driver speakers can cover such a large Hz range
If you get a chance, give a listen to the Manger speakers. The Manger MST covers a large part of the frequency range, assisted by one or two 8” woofers.  Different technology altogether and extremely well executed.  Active or passive models in mod... 
2023 AXPONA Show Report
@kenjit  -  so you’re saying the show organizers should demo their products in YOUR living room because that is the only environment you are ‘familiar’ with ?  I’ve got plenty of tools in my toolboxes, none quite like you.    
analog upgrade suggestions needed
I gifted my 20 year old Spacedeck/Spacearm (9") to a friend and bought the newer Ace Spacedeck with the Ace Anna 10" arm.  Many years ago I bought a Walker Motor Precision Motor Controller "speedbox" which in my opinion improved the sound of the o... 
isonic CS6.1-PRO ultrasonic record cleaner
I appreciate the kind remarks re: my comments about my personal experience with the isonic machine. I understand there’s a lot of discussion out there about using filtered or treated tap water vs. distilled water. To be clear, the manufacturer ass... 
"High end" store snobbery
The store in Bellingham, WA the OP refers to is Reference Media owned by Rob Rivinius and his wife.  I’ve purchased several products from Rob over the years and he is a true gentleman and a consummate professional.  He represents several high end ... 
Intriguing Speakers From Germany
trying to evaluate a speaker by listening to a You Tube video is like trying to date a woman through a plate glass window, there are just too many of the five senses not involved in the process