Is there such a speaker...(loud but smooth)?

Hi all!

I am wondering...Is there a speaker that will get quite loud (almost concert level volume) but still have soft smooth highs at higher volumes than most home audio speakers?

I ask because I am looking for some speakers that will kick butt. I want to feel the music but I do not want to have ice picks driven through my ears.

Depends on your price range..
Zu are very efficient needing very little amp power, concert level acoustics, very smooth, never fall apart, and can take abuse for hours on end due to using Pro based custom drivers... Also now using only Mundorf Silver oil caps on the highs so you will never get any grain at any volume, and they are all very compact at under a square foot floor space.
Good luck
Check out the open baffle designed Emerald Physics speakers, they fill your requirements.
Hi all!

Interesting comments. At this point I am not looking at a price range. I was just wondering if there was something out there other than professional PA speakers that could really rock the joint. Actually, as far as that is concerned I remember hearing some Yorkville Elite PA speakers that sounded darn good.

A guy at the local higher-end store was saying that I should get a pair of bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer. That way the bookshelf speakers could play louder since they do not have to reproduce the lower frequencies. They have some Era bookshelf speakers coming in soon that they want me to audition.

I would second the Emerald Physics CS-2's....or I'm sure CS-1's when they come out