Is Tube Audio TADAC better than MF Tri-Vista DAC ?

I just purchased a used Tube Audio Designs TADAC and did an AB comparison in my home with my Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista DAC and found it to sound better by my tastes. It seemed to sound a little more Analog and a little less digital than the Tri-Vista. I had dumped my MF 3.24 DAC and then a X-DAC V3 and now have finally settled and am happy with the TADAC? Has anyone had similar experiences or compared the TADAC with the Monarchy side by side?
I just bought one and it will ship on Monday 4/28/08. I would be very interested to hear other folks responses.
It ROCKS... and does jazz, classical, and blues quite nicely too!

I'm using it with HTbypass option to bypass my Onkyo Pro 885 HT preamp for two channel music from Wadia/Ipod. Very detailed, textured, and LIVE-ly. Good recordings sound like a live performance in the house. I love it. I have found old and new user reviews/comparisons around the web but as a hand built unit, the numbers are limited.
This here is the ANALOG discussion section, guys. People who might be interested might not see your thread here.