Isoclean 106 II Power Bar

Recently added this bar w/ an Isoclean Focus pc to my system below for the pre, amp, and digital source. Sub is direct to wall. For 2 weeks now I've been A/B-ing it with - believe it or not - a Rat Shack Archer power strip I've had in its place from the beginning. Thought I'd see if an upgrade in this area would provide much sonic improvement. My understanding is that the Isoclean power bar is not intended to color the presentation in any way, just provide a cleaner path for ac, correct? Our system is by design, a very revealing one/highly detailed. However, in comparisons, the presentation through the Isoclean seems slightly laid-back, bit less amplitude, drum kit set back in the staging, and a bit more low frequency. Both strips provide great staging/ instrument placement, but the old Rat Shack strip just seems to bring a more brilliant presentation. Am I missing something - perhaps its simply lack of synergy w/ the other system pieces? Would be very interested to hear other's experiences with this piece, and any suggestions/advice. Thanks~
Without hearing your system to begin with it would be hard to find out what you are perceiving as "an improvement".

Most very detailed systems are not detailed at all but bright. Much like turning up detail on a video monitor, you are not increasing the amount of information but adding edge distortion.

Most detailed systems strip away harmonics to allow only the primary notes to be very evident.

If this is the case with your system then the only differences you will hear are related to tonal balance instead of content.

My experience is that both power strips are bad. Both strip the sound of texture and depth of image. IMOP.

Compare them to a Running Springs, Shunyada, Audience, or Thrum and the sound better be dramatic or your system is too bright.
I can't see this costing the consumer even half of its price.Not much there.That's my opinion.A lot of other fun things could be bought even if it's for your second system.This model is $980.[]
Since this unit appears to be a basic power strip without capacitive filtering, I'd suspect that the biggest difference you are hearing relates to the type of outlets. The Isoclean uses gold plated outlets. In my experience, gold as a plating on AC components tends to roll off the highs.

The Rat Shack might have nickel plated outlets which could increase the brightness. If not, it might be related to the use of steel within the outlet.

I use a BPT PPC power strip that uses unplated Hubbell 5362s. I tend to prefer the more balanced sound (to my ears) of high-copper unplated brass outlets as compared to plated outlets.