IsoClean SC-101 speaker cables

I received banana terminated speaker jumpers today and decided to connect my Isoclean SC-101 speaker cables which I have not used for a long time because it is rather burdensome to connect them to the speakers (they are terminated with spades) together with spade-terminated jumpers. I don't think that such a connection was firm enough.

With jumpers terminated with bananas there is no problem. And the sound! - it is warm, sweet and musical, and very dynamic at the same time, with great bass and may be a bit rolled-off highs (though the highs became crisper even after 2 or 3 hours).

Who has a similar experience with these cables? Any comments and opinions will be appreciated.

I am just waiting for Clear Day Shotgun cables after I've read various positive reviews. I did not expect when I ordered them that the Isoclean cables would sound so nice!

I expect the Clear Day to have a clearer and less warm sound and it would be interesting to compare them.