Isolation for power line conditioner?

I have heard that many gain good results by providing isolation for their PLC units and was wondering what type of suggestions/experience folks out there may offer. I do currently have my line conditioner (Sound Application XE12-S) on a slab of MDF on aluminum cones. I put this together awhile back for the PLC I had at the time, and chose this route simply cuz I had the stuff lying around and it seemed to be better than nothing. That aside, considering this particular unit is, I believe, primarily a passive component, what solutions and ideas can you throw my way? Thanks in advance!
Not withstanding Jim Weil's efforts, the Line Stage in my system is improved substantially by being on a level 2 Mana stand.

I should also note that many of the better ac power cord efforts focus on resonances, the Harmonix comes to mind.
But also note that some of the best, clearest, most resolving, and least smearing power cords do not have mechanical resonance treatment. This subject is still controversial.
It's my experience that you should play with vibration control at any place you think it matters and also where you don't think it will.....
I have vibration treatment in the power conditioner and the MIT network boxes. Have elevation / vibration in my speaker cables and have found interesting changes in the sound that I like. This is system dependant as I have tried in some friends some of the tweaks that have worked for me with less success. Flex good point on the controversy.
My mains two blade switch uses plate type fuses so all current getting in the house passes through this thin metal sheet (vibration prone right!) so I changed them for elastomeric tweaked ones and I liked the change Just to give you an example of thinking out of the box.
Even your TV set if you apply some vibration tweak to it you'll find nice changes in picture quality
Happy tweaking
Onhwy61- I totally agree with warren that when dealing with power conditioners with delicate gems stones hot glued to the bottom of a plastic box, isolate becomes a very important consideration. These devises need to be directly coupled to mother earth, in order for them to effectively dissipate the destructive energy the electric companies pump into our AC power to change the essence of our music. It's all about the magic. peace, ;-) kana.
Warren's point about microphonics is certainly part of the theory and explanation, according to extensive discussion in the past at cable asylum and to a number of good cable designers. This view says that vibration influences cables only if there are strands or parts that can micro-move relative to each other, setting up microphonics in the process. It would be difficult to build any plc that has totally rigid parts. I can understand this explanation most easily in signal carrying components, Still thinking about it for a/c cords.