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Solid state amp for Stratus Gold i
Jakeman : thanks for your response 
CD Stoplight pen vs Sharpie Green Marker
TRy a black permanent marker and compare. 
centering the human voice
If the room physically or acoustically is not symetric, you might end up setting speakers /pre settings differently to compensate and center voice..........your adcom pre has balance knob try it as Face suggests, tell us how did it goLuis 
Vinyl or wait for the new stuff??
As Dr. Frankenstein stated "It's Alive, It's Alive!!!!!" 
Best DIY tweak?
Jorge:I agree with you on your tweak effectiveness (i.e. less things powered at home, no interruptions, lower background noise etc. etc) BUT unfortunately Rdylan meant inexpensive and that's where the thing goes sour...... 
How LONG have you been an AUDIOGONER'?
Member since September 1999.Started visiting ca. 6 months before that.I've been in a roller coaster ride due to stressful life changes (job) and building a business from zero.....Music has been along the journey through my unchanged equipment (bee... 
Best DIY tweak?
Black marker tweak your CD's. 
Isolation and Monster Power conditioner
Autodexr:My experience is different than the previous posters above.Try footers or bearings and see what suits your taste / system best. A little mass loading is worth trying as well. 
rooms and sound levels
Arp:More info is needed. Does this happens at the same SPL? A system component listing can provide a better base to comment on. Does it happen when there is also bass present in the music played?Your phrase "It sounds clear below a certain level ... 
Cheap tweaks...What would YOU reccomend?
Get a black permanent marker felt chisel tippedApply marker to the top outer part of i.e 4mm closer to top outer edge. Some of my discs I (the ones with little print) have painted the complete top side. Liked the results.You should get better reso... 
Are Sound Waves Able To Penetrate Canvas Painting?
Ryder:Have you decided what to do? 
Are Sound Waves Able To Penetrate Canvas Painting?
Ryder:After reading the previous posts something came to mind...In brief : we all know how difficult it is to keep sound from sneaking out from our rooms through openings....Maybe we can use this to our benefit here.Consider installing the sound p... 
Are Sound Waves Able To Penetrate Canvas Painting?
Fabric has to be open weave to work. I wish canvas could work since WAF would be way much less a concern.Luis 
vibration and resonance
What floor kind you have in your room? 
How to make sound less detailed with warmth?
Guys:Changing a cable or any other components in a system is the "normal" read expensive audiophile "FIX"..... Many times we don't realize that the room imparts it's characteristic to the sound we hear and might be a "veil" that doesn't allow you...