ITunes from Iphone or Mac Air to Arcam Network Player

If someone could advise, I'd be grateful. I would like to stream my music from my Mac Air or Iphone to my stereo (amp-pre-amp are Hegel) through my network player (DAC) Arcam CDS27. Following some online advise, I downloaded MusicLife app (for Arcam) on my phone. Unfortunately, I cannot have MusicLife find my Arcam device. I have, however, successfully linked the Arcam network player to my wifi network. So is there something missing? I don't think I need to have Apple's Airport Express. All suggestions will be treated with respect. Thanks. Anthony
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See link below on streaming from iPhone/ iPad / Mac Pro through an external USB input DAC etc.

Substitute your own DAC (with a USB input) for the AQ DRAGONFLY Red DAC in the link article

You will need some more link components first .

(1)buy the intermediary APPLE Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter coming out from the MAC AIR 
(2) buy a quality - build suitable USB cable (don’t chintz it here ) to link the APPLE CAMERA adapter to the suitable  input into your external DAC 
(3) Buy a quality- build cable for DAC output (don’t chintz it here either ....) from your external DAC to the suitable input to your preamp .....

Thanks very much. I will process this soon. In the meantime, a question that might seem naive, is why doesn't the iphone communicate with the Arcam in the same way as the iphone does with a bluetooth speaker? Cheers, Anthony
The ARCAM control app has been reviewed as “not the slickest either.....most find it a bit buggy. “

Back in 2015 Arcam says it’s “working on” the compatibility issues

I have similar failing grade control app issues with my ARCAM SOLO NEO unibox in my “B” system. To call it buggy is a gross understatement...frankly it sucks. To be blunt , my iPhone and iPad are useless with it.., full stop.

IMO you can forget about ARCAM ever fixing the app, and thus your options are either:

- just live with its significant control app warts along with its strengths; or
- sell it and move on to an APPLE friendly brand.