iTunes QuickTime

So I was on Wavelength Audio's auxilliary website,, fantasizing about a $7,500 DAC when I noticed a tab at the top of the page labelled "Windows". I have a modified Benchmark DAC1 and had thoroughly read Benchmark's recommended settings, but I figured, aww what the hey I'll read Wavelength's as well.

They actually directed me to open up QuickTime, go to Preferences, and change my audio output from Direct Sound to Windows Audio Session.

I'm not sure why this changes the sonics, exactly, and I hope you'll forgive the abject cliche, but there was at least one veil removed from over the speakers after I made this change. I mean, immediacy, transparency, speed, bass, and midrange all improved, but without the sound becoming forward or the background details being diminished (in fact, they were more present).

Perhaps I am making a point that many of you are already familiar with, but it was certainly news to me. So I thought I'd share to see if other users want to experiment with this setup, or support or contradict my findings.

I'm using a Dell PC, Locus Design Cynosure, Chris Johnson modified Benchmark DAC1, Kimber Select 1036's, and Mackie powered 824 Mk2.