JA Michelle ORBE mk II's Suspension Tweek

I posted a while back about my mounting dilema with the Graham Phantom mkII. I sorted it all out. Re-drilled the armboard I had and we are in business. The arm is one of the greratest improvements I've ever made to my system. Thank you Bob.

Has anyone ever un suspended their ORBE? The weight of the new Graham and the aluminum armboard is overloading the ORBE. Yes I can balance the table, using the springs, but I'm told the suspension is now not tuned as it was designed. I could get an acrilic armboard and start over, I was just wondering if I blocked the suspension, what kind of results I might expect.

Jimi p
I can't understand your problem. If table is stable, in a right plan, if when shacked it go in prolonged oscillations, where is the problem?
How sounds your Orbe with Phantom now: Is it better or not than previous time?
Which kind of problem your springs has with Phantom?
Is it your new arm an improvement or not?
I think an Orbe unsuspended is an awful idea, with high risk of dangerous acoustic feedback in your loudspeakers.
Don't worry about springs, if your music is better, the TT works better.
I used Black Diamond Racing cones to unsuspend my Orbe. It worked out really well, looks good, and sounds better than ever. I removed the top acrylic plinth and set the points of the cones into the bottom acrylic piece with the adjustable feet. I used bicycle AheadSet top caps (I think it's the 1" size) to plug the holes the spring towers go into and ran a bolts from the tops of the AheadSet caps into the threads of the BDR cones.

There may be a pic in "My Desert Oasis" system. To me, it's a no-brainer.