Jacintha SACD

Has anybody had any TOC or reading errors with Autumn Leaves or any other SACDs from Jacintha? If it finally DOES recognize the disc and I play it in SACD, the last few songs have reading/skipping problems. My SACD player is the Marantz SA-14 manufactured in December 2001, thus I believe over the TOC problems that it originally had in its earlier production run.

David- I have three of the Jacintha SACD's and have experienced absolutely no problems playing any of them. Try and find someone locally who has a SACD player and see if they play fine there, it would seem to be the first logical step to figure out if it is the disc or the player/system. Not sure what could be causing it, if you find out be sure to let us know! Good luck.

Thank you for the response. I decided to post this thread because someone else was having the same problems with this specific disc using different equipment (noted in Audio Asylum). I will see if anyone local has a SACD player to see if it is the disc or the player (jeez, I hope it is the disc!).