Jadis DPL2 preamp: is it Good?


Still in my search for a nice preamp to match with my new Pinius SA-102. I am going for tubes, that's for sure. And my budjet is small. Well, I can get a Jadis DPL2 for a nice price BUT i cannot find any review on this preamp (which is strange).

1. So, how does this Jadis sounds? Air, Soundstage, Highs (sweetness), Lows (boominess), warmth, etc.

2. How does it compares to more-or-less the same price preamps, like classic Audio Research preamps, the newer Rogue Audio 66, etc.


This reply is more of an opinion. Of the pre's mentioned I would guess the Jadis would be the better choice. Yes,they make more/better/expensive pre's than DLP2. Having owned one of their amps; hope that you don't need service and have to contact the distributor for anything.
If you could get a Jadis preamp for a nice price, you do not have to think twice.
I have been using a Jadis JPL for the past 10 years. I finally settled on Jadis after going through some top solid state preamps like Klyne and Spectral, and tube preamps like Matisse and old Marantz 7. This Jadis gave me utmost satisfaction without any breakdowns which many people fear for tube amp, as it is of a very simple and reliable design.
It scores full marks on air, warmed, musicality, soundstage and sweetness. The only weakness is a bit light on bass. It is superb for classical and jazz but obviously not the best choice for hard rock or digital sound.
To make a Jadis sound best you got to have some vintage tubes made as early as the 50-60s. Tubes made in Russia and China nowadays simply are not of the same class.

I would imagine you have purchased something by now, but I'll add my bit to this thread.

I used a DPL-2 in my system for about a year and a half that I purchased at a Lyric Hi-Fi demo sale. The DPL-2 is VERY transparent, but, as is common with many entry-level preamps, its power supply is limited and the preamp audibly distorted with demanding musical passages (I was using a powerful Bryston amp and efficient Dunlavy speakers that never distorted at similar volume with any of my other preamps - it was the Jadis). I ultimately put my slightly less transparent, but overall better sounding Audio Research LS-3 back into the system and sold the Jadis. The Jadis was reliable, however, never requiring service, and I sold it for more than I paid for it, so no regrets and I would consider Jadis' other products.

Good luck