Jamestown, NC

Anyone interested in gathering in Triad area?
a lover of equipment and music for over fity years. now 61 with many systems behind me and two business concerning audio, imported the first denon product into the usa in the 80's. first system included marantz tube, then to mcintosh, linn followed then to vanderstein ,krell, cary and now into jazz with totem, cayin,etc. it seems that cables and tweeks are the rage now and i believe some great tweeks can increase with power cords ,connects, cables, tubes can really make a great difference these days more than ever. i listen to traditional jazz, some fusion jazz, grew up on rock, was a dj in atlanta in the seventies on fm rock 96. so in saying all this, yes i love equipment , music, especially live music, but hard to find these days...d_cwhitt@bellsouth.net...good listening dwhitt audiogoner since the early 2000s...
I am preparing to move to GSO in the next week and will be just up the street from you on Bridford Pkway. I am an AudioKarma active member and have some relatively descent tube gear, love music as well...I would be interested in discussing audio gear and music.

I'm not too far north, in Bassett VA in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains - Greensboro / Winston is about 45min to an hour for me. Would love to get join in on audio conversation and listening... My system can be seen here on Agon and I listen to Jazz, Bluegrass, Classic Rock, and the Dead.
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