Jazz Focus Records: Favorites please

After being mighty impressed with Kendra Shanks' recent two outings with this fine Calgary-based outfit, I continue to be impressed with their work with Jessica Williams as well (although the audience chatter on her live set with Leroy Vinnegar is truly unacceptably loud!).
I'm much less familiar with the other artists in their stable. Any suggestions for great Jazz Focus CDs? Thanks. Ernie
Unfortunately, I do not know the label. What I do know is that Leroy Vinnegar is one of the great bassists of all time. I am lucky enough to live in Portland, OR, where Leroy lived for quite awhile until he passed away a few years ago. A true gentleman who even though his health had diminished, could still "walk" the bass as well as anyone. I used to listen to him twice a week and he was amazing. I highly recommend that everyone go out and pickup any of his CD's or albums that they can find. Even his most current recordings are amazing.

We miss you Leroy!
I have the Brian Buchanan "Avenues" CD as well as the entire Jessica Williams catalog. Brian is pretty good while Jessica is one of the greats.