JBL 708p vs Buchardt S400 mkII with i150 integrated

... so what say ye ? which speakers sound best for near and midfield home listening - not in a studio or mixing? I like all types of music including electronic, metal, symphonic but these speakers have to rock !! I like the built in amps so I could add the S500 as well but I feel the S400 with the i150 hits the price sweet spot. I do love the JBL sound ... I would be looking for a used pair of either when possible ...


I have never heard either but the measurements or the 708p is pretty good, it is also adjustable. the new crop of compression drivers JBL is using is pretty good. The JBL 2409H in the 708P is a step above the HDI line but only a single diaphragm. You don’t get int or duel diaphragms until the 4349.