JBL DD 66000 and DD67000

Has anyone figured out what the difference is between the JBL 66000 and 67000? The spec. sheets look identical. Thank-you
I asked the same question and got this from the designer via a friend,

"the 67000 has a new woofer which is much faster and more punchy. I also refined the HF crossover to make the system considerably smoother, it is a major improvement overall. There are no upgrade kits to convert the 66000 to a 67000."

Good listening


I expect Kiddman to post impressions on the difference on this thread, He owned the 66000, and now owns the 67000, cheers.
1. The 67000 is immediately audible as smoother, more natural sounding. Most folks loved the 66000 at my place, and had no problem in this area. But I like the added smoothness of the 67000.

2. The 67000 is clearer in the midrange. Lower level details are more audible.

3. The 67000 bass is more detailed, more linear.

4. The 67000 has all new crossovers, new wiring, new level controls, new woofers, and a new crossover capacitor bias system that does not use batteries.

The mid and hf drivers remain the same.

The 66000 is a great speaker that does not shout, honk, quack, sound like cupped hands, or any of the other ridiculous generalizations folks make about horns. But I think the 67000 is a nice refinement above the 66000.

I am not a JBL junkie or groupie, I never owned JBLs before the Everest, I have no financial other interest in the company, and I own other speakers too. But the Everests are great speakers.
If I ever upgrade speakers, I'm going for the Everest. It's one of the best speakers on the market at this time, imo. And at the price, it should very well be!
Thankyou Kiddman for a very good review here, I just learned alot from you myself, since I have not ever owned either pair of the JBL Everest dd-66000 or JBL Everest dd-67000 speakers, very informative, cheers.
You're welcome Audiolabrinth.

I can't say any one speaker is the best in the world. Personal preference enters. But these models are some of the best IMO.