JBL for Jeff Rowland.

Hello everyone!

Building a second system

Bought a second hand Jeff Rowland Concentra MKI and holy crap! I'm freaking out with the sound! A friend lent me a pair of Harbeth 30.2 XD, they're beautiful, but I wonder how a JBL would sound: 4309, L82 or 4312G...  Thinking in those JBL speakers to pair with the JR integrated. Rest of system are a Node 3gen (which might be changed for an Eversolo dmp-a6), and a VPI Cliffwood or MoFi TT, will see!

What would be a better match for the Rowland? Jazz, Bossanova, Folk,Classical,  Soul, Funk, and some Classic Rock.

Room is an open kitchen livinvg room 20sqm or so,



Since you liked the sound of the Harbeths so much why are you lookin’ at JBL? Two different types of speakers!

More importantly, why are you asking what genre of music? If it performs as well as you say, any music that you like should sound good.


There’s a huge difference between the sound of JBL’s and Harbeth speakers.  If you liked the sound of the pair you had, why change?

I have owned many Harbeth models including the 30.1. In your size room the P3 (one of my favorite Harbeths} would be a good fit. The price for the p3 is a lot less than the 30.1. If you check the HIFI shark listings you can save about 50% on any Harbeth if you buy used!