JD9 output capacitor modification question

Hi All,

I have purchased new Clarity Cap MR's and sat down for a serious look at how to install them.

My question is how to deal with what appears to be a three handed job - one to hold the capacitor in place, one to manage the solder, and one to hold the heat element.

Obviously I am not a pro - what am I missing and/or what is the trick to complete the mod without screwing up the circuit board?

Thanks, Dsper
The cap should be secure and in place before you solder. If you don't know what you are doing you will surely ruin the circuit board. You must first desoldered he first cap without lifting the trace or solder pad. Then you secure the new cap by running the lead wires through the solder pad holes then soldering from the underside of the board. Plenty of YouTube videos to watch and learn.

Practice is a must before doing this on your expensive player. It is easy to apply too much heat and ruin the board by lifting the trace and or pad. Too much heat can also ruin close by components like resistors etc.

No doubt the MR cap is larger than the old cap so you will need a plan on how to mount the new cap securely which is very important.

Are you prepared to remove the board in order to desolder and solder from underneath?That in itself is often a big job requiring skill and experience.

If the board is lower quality and the pad and traces very thin, you stand a high probability as a novice of ruining the board at worst or having a pro repair the unit if salvageable.
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