Jeff Rowland 7s Amps, verse Rowland 8T1 or 112 Amp

Hi, has anyone heard the Rowland 7 Amps and compared them to the newer Rowland 8T1 or 112 Amps. Which ones did you like the best.
Have not heard the 8T1, but used to own a pair of 7's. I auditioned the 112 and the 10 extensively for my Vandersteen Fives before going with the Model 12's monoblocks. The Sevens have a sonic characteristic that shot Rowland to the top some 15 or so years ago - that is, a very musical sound that at the time was usually only obtainable from tube equipment. However, Jeff has made a number of advances since the Sevens.

His new line of 112, 10 and 12's maintains the musicality of the Sevens, but with much greater detail, musicality and soundstage than the Sevens. Some people actually prefer the old Rowland sound to the new, but in comparison, I think the Sevens sound veiled and too "polite".

Of course, the Sevens are probably going to have more punch than the 112 and are going to perform better with power-hungry speakers. However, the 112 is no slouch and definitely worth a try.
twilo: i've heard them all on several varieties of speakers, including avalons, sound labs and audio artistry. IMO, the model 8 and 9's were the best amps jeff ever made. i've owned a factory-modified model 8ti for several years. i wouldn't trade it for any current jrdg models, with the possible exception of the model 6. -cfb
I owned a pair of the rowland 7s. My Spectral 180 made them huge mono blocks sound like a 10 watt amps. Also, I didn't need to sit in my room wearing nothing but my undershorts from all the heat the 7 would put out along with their wimpy sound.
brulee: i guess if you're willing to buy into the "magical combination" of spectral and mit, you could be sold damn near anything. care to invest in the tinkerbell cables i'm about to introduce? (they have really cool micro-techtonic boxes on each end, coated with kryptonite and housing really large green crystals; with the supplied torx driver, you can tune them to match the periodicty of any substance, known or only imagined.) -cfb
CFB, Please remember that I am not a fan of MIT. I blame MIT for all this cable madness. I was talking only of the amps mentioned. The Spectral in my system years ago made the Rowland sound like a toy. No disrespect meant. I am sure Rowland has come a long was since the model 7s. I have not had the opportunity to listen to the new offerings of the Rowland gear. I am sure they are very good. The reason I am sure of this, is because CFB has said so. I bow to your superior knowledge.
Just want to add my particular experience in contrast to Cornfedboy. I owned the Sixes with battery supply, before I did extensive auditioning of the 112, the 10 and ultimately bought the 12's. My experience on my Vandy Fives was that I preferred all three of the latter to the Model 6's. The 6's seemed to lack the resolving power and punch of the other three.

Also, I do think there is something to what Brulee says. I've never heard the Spectral, but I did feel that the Sevens never had the punch that amps of that size should have. I actually had four monoblock Sevens powering Soundlab A-1s and B-1 bass panels. That was an interesting combo, but it never did seem to be quite right. It wasn't until the B-1 panels were returned to the factory that Roger West discovered one of the bass panels was wired out of phase. I won't embarrass any of the several high end luminaries who heard my system and didn't catch that problem through listening.

In any event, the Sevens did quite well on the A-1s, but I remember they had real trouble driving a pair of Apogees (don't remember which model).
pctower: i should have been more careful in my post when i referred to the "model 6." what i meant is the current model mc-6. this is the multi-channel amp in the same size box as the 8's and 9's, configurable from mono to 6-channel. i never liked the now-discontinued model 6 either. BTW, jeff used to have a set of sound lab a-1's/b-1's also that he once drove with 2 or 3 pairs of 7's.

brulee: you know i was only pullin' your leg. i'm quite aware of your mit experience, which is much like mine.

I'm currently using a pair of the Model 7's and just bought the Coherence 1 MkII preamp which I've not yet auditioned. But I can tell you that with my Magnepan 3.6's they sound wonderful. I've not heard the 8's but if there's anything I can tell you please feel free to write me at