Jeff Rowland Capri vs Bel Canto Pre3

I am in search to match a SS preamplifier with my tube power amplifier (100 kohm input impedance)
Jeff Rowland Capri and Bel Canto Pre3 are in my list,and would like to hear the comments of anyone tried them comparing each other if possible
I thank you in advance
I am mostly experienced with Capri, having had it in my system for almost a year. I have heard Bel Canto only at RMAF in the BC suite. They are both excellent devices. I suspect the BC may be a little warmer than Capri, but not having heard them in the same system, take my words with a grain of salt. G.
I have had the Capri in my reference system for about 6 months now and am delighted with it's performance. I cannot compare it to the Bel Canto, but can say with assurance that it outperforms the ARC LS 25II that it replaced.
I can tell you that the Capri is warmer and fuller sounding than the Bel Canto Pre/Pro to my ears. But the pre/pro is quite different from the Pre3. I'm very impressed with the Capri after switching from an all Bel Canto system (that I was very happy with) due to space considerations.
Dgaylin, How do the Pre Pro and Pre3 differ sonically? Regardless, you are more qualified than I in commenting about BC linestages vs capri. BTW, I adore the Capri, and prefer it over the ARC Ref 3 that I had in my system prior to JRDG Capri. Guido

I haven't had the Pre3 in my system so I can't answer. The pre/pro has both digital and analog circuitry and is the older generation of BC products. As you may recall, your (and others') glowing reviews of the Capri helped me decide to buy one. So thank you! It's simply a lovely piece. While I have not owned the ARC Ref 3, I have heard it, and I agree with your assessment.
Thank you Dgaylin, it seems that more and more audiophiles are taking Capri seriously and are unwilling to part with it. . . Lately, it has become quite a scarce commodity on Audiogon for sale listings
Yes, I got one that Ben2300 was selling and I think I got lucky. It's one of those items that just makes you happy.


Guidocorona, I just want to know your opinion about one parameter that tube preamplifiers (including Ref3)have wet sound and SS preamplifiers have dry or opac sound in general, how Capri stands in this parameter?
Thanks in advance
Ben, Capri is not at all 'dry' or 'opaque' sounding. Capri is in fact incredibly revealing, transparent, and 'musical' to my ears. Furthermore, Capri is extremely extended from top to bottom and appears to have a very linear frequency response throughout the spectrum, without obvious trofs or emphasized areas. In that, I prefer it over Ref 3, which to my ears is slightly less extended, has a slight 'richness' in the bass region with less pitch definition, and has a generally warmer sound in the midrange. However, this is a matter of personal preference. . . while I prefer a musical but neutral sound, other audiophile prefer the 'lush' sound of tubes. Hope this helps. Gudo