Jeff Rowland Concerto Integrated Amp

I am thinking of purchasing a jeff rowland concerto integrated amp. This is the highest power amp I have ever owned as normally I am a SET guy (i.e. read Zanden).

I am planning to use a solid state set up as my second system. Any advice on speakers would be great. I prefer a smaller size speaker if possible. Between my wife and I we listen to all kinds of music from Jazz and classical to French/arabic rock, techno, and progressive rock.

Appreciate your help and suggestions.
The brand new B&W 805 speaker may be just what you are looking for. I really liked the synergy of the B&W/Rowland system I heard. With a good pair of stands, you'd have a system that would be tough to beat without spending a whole lot more money. And, I think they would suit your music tastes as well.
I'm sure the Concerto is a great solid state piece but see if you can hear it before purchase. Moving away from SET will entail sonic sacrifices....
Last time I heard a Rowland integrated it was driving a pair of ProAc 1SC's -- and it was an awfully pleasing combination. Defintiley give a listen before you make the jump though, if you possibly can.