Jefferson Starship "Miracles"

I'd like to ask for opinion(s) on which specific catalog #'s on both LP & CD are best sounding.
Are the "remastered" versions worth while?
CD: the DCC of "Octopus" is the best I've heard. Out of print, like all DCCs, but one of the cheaper DCCs on the secondary market. DCC GZS-1110.

Not a great album, though - in my opinion.

By the way, the remasters of "Dragonfly", "Sunfighter" (Paul Kantner and Grace Slick) and "Blows against the Empire" (Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship) are very good and worth seeking out.

I've been a fan of Jef Airplane, Jef Starship & Starship for longer than I care to admit. IMO: None of their CDs has top notch sound quality (unfortunately).
Don't know about the LPs although I had most of the earlier ones on vinyl.
I own the DCC and the JVC 24K Bit K2(Japanese) versions of Jefferson Starship-Red Octopus. Neither are close to a reference level recording. The DCC version is more relaxed but has a slight layer of haze. The JVC K2 version is a mild victim of the loudness wars but has better resolution and dynamics. Percussion and background vocals are more focused on "Miracles" with the JVC K2 version. The JVC K2 clearly shines on the up tempo rocker "I Want To See Another World". Since 2+ million copies were sold in the USA, many early vinyl pressings are still out there for the hunt.