Jeffs Sound Values in CA. PH not working/closed?

Anyone know if they moved or closed? PH says disconnected, FAX rings but no answer.
Thanks, John
That's good news.

The guy took care of me, probably doesn't even remember, it's been so long ago. I bought amps from him and after warranty expired I had a problem. He fixed them cheap.

Took a while but KEPT HIS WORD.

What's that worth? Everything in my book. Hope all goes well for him.
And he said that he just "couldn't make it work" with overhead and the industry as a whole. I have bought several items from these guys, there were the best. Mark was also very good to deal with. Anyway, Mark replied to my recent email about a piece of gear. Not sure there long-term prognosis.
jeff is a good and honest man, done in by ever-shrinking margins beyond his control. He probably should have faced today's sad marketplace realiities
long before he did.
I am confident that Jeff will resurface for his former customers at the earliest moment he can.
We repaired a component for Jeff. The timing seems to have been just before he closed down. I gave him a call to go over things once we assessed the situation. We talked for a while, including many things audio. Seemed like one heck of a nice guy.

I hate it when businesses like this close down. His was one of the legacy audio businesses.
It's a real shame when guys this good are forced out of business.. Sorry to see him go off-line.

Great guy to do business with.... I'd like to see him make a go of it again...