Jeffs Sound Values in CA. PH not working/closed?

Anyone know if they moved or closed? PH says disconnected, FAX rings but no answer.
Thanks, John
NEVER a problem with Jeff's - EVER

In fact, my buddy (before his death) used them immensely

Give it a day. Probably technical
I just did a deal with Jeff (c 11/08/07), and he provided a new shipping address - maybe failed to forward his phone?
Wow, that's a blow to the industry. I bought my Sound Valves (resurrected Dynaco's) from Jeff many, many years ago.

I thought he would always be around.

Analogtroll, do you know what happened? Hopefully not health issues.
Bummer. I've purchased several items from JSV, and it was always a pleasant transaction. I'm sorry to read about this.

Yup! State of our economy and the industry. We are probably going to see a lot more of this.
That's truly a shame. I own my own business & I hate to see small business falter. It would be nice if it is a retirement issue. That's what we all strive for.
Thanks for the input. Maybe something will surface with them in the near future.
I know it is not an health issue. I think it's just a sign of the times. I felt that they always did a excellent job and were a pleasure to deal with.
Definitely seems to have gone radio silent - and sad to say owing me one of his PLCs. Pretty much the last person I ever thought I would get burned by.

His home number is unlisted and he seems unwilling to answer emails.

Have to agree with the Troll and Czbbcl - this is just the beginning.

Seems as though the least he could do was let the people he was trading with know...
Sad news indeed. They were my favorite local dealer. I was always treated well there. I wish Jeff and crew all the best.
I just completed a deal with him about a week ago. Here is an email he sent me.

"That would be fine. I'm actually closing my business so I'm going to give you my home address and make it out to my name, not the business name. Don't worry it is still on the up and up and I need to maintain my good reputation as I'm going to continue to market the Sonic Euphoria products that I manufacture." Jeff Hagler

Towards the end of the transaction he wasn't responding to my emails. The last email I recieved from him was to say that my cable shipped and even after that wouldn't respond back to me. When I called him before the cable shipped I talked with Jeff at his shop and he said he was having internet dificulties, hence the email problems.

Perhaps he is just busy right now?
That is a bummer.He's had ad's vbery recenttly.Wonder what he 's going to do with stock?Can't be selling if he's not picking up phone.
I live here in San Diego, and have bought/sold directly from Jeff in the past. I just tried to call myself, and got the automated, "We're sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service" message. Then I did a quick Audiogon search, and found this thread.

Bummer. Is he really DOA? There are some Audiogon listings of his that were just posted. Perhaps they have just closed the retail store only? I will drive down there this weekend and see if there is a note on the door.

I do recall on my last trip there he was bitching that National City had recently enacted a sales tax increase of 1%. That comes right out of his buyer's pockets. In a highly competitive business like audio gear, a 1% price increase could be a deal breaker. Maybe he saw sales go down as a result. Or maybe it's just another resale store squashed by the ebay elephant?
If he's entered into bankruptcy, he can't really ship orders, answer the phone, etc.

This would have to work it's way through the courts.
Or maybe it's just another resale store squashed by the ebay elephant?

I believe you are on the site right now that would "squash" someone like Jeff's.
Hi - happy to say that Jeff checked in this afternoon PST (11/16)and shipped my PLC today. My bad for jumping the gun.

Sounds like he has had a hell of a week with personal matters - I told him that there was a lot of love on this thread and that he ought to check in.

He did not mention anything about his business, but he is apparently building PLCs at his new address.
Jeff is a great person to deal with. His patience, advice, and great service will always be remembered. I wish him Gods speed and guidance.
That's good news.

The guy took care of me, probably doesn't even remember, it's been so long ago. I bought amps from him and after warranty expired I had a problem. He fixed them cheap.

Took a while but KEPT HIS WORD.

What's that worth? Everything in my book. Hope all goes well for him.
And he said that he just "couldn't make it work" with overhead and the industry as a whole. I have bought several items from these guys, there were the best. Mark was also very good to deal with. Anyway, Mark replied to my recent email about a piece of gear. Not sure there long-term prognosis.
jeff is a good and honest man, done in by ever-shrinking margins beyond his control. He probably should have faced today's sad marketplace realiities
long before he did.
I am confident that Jeff will resurface for his former customers at the earliest moment he can.
We repaired a component for Jeff. The timing seems to have been just before he closed down. I gave him a call to go over things once we assessed the situation. We talked for a while, including many things audio. Seemed like one heck of a nice guy.

I hate it when businesses like this close down. His was one of the legacy audio businesses.
It's a real shame when guys this good are forced out of business.. Sorry to see him go off-line.

Great guy to do business with.... I'd like to see him make a go of it again...

Hi guys,

I managed Jeff's Sound Values for roughly 5 years up 'till about 21 months ago, when I left to open my own business.
Believe me when I tell you what has already been said here, Jeff's heart is in the right place.
He's a good guy who's retail endeavor just took some bad turns.

He very much plans to continue with the Sonic Euphoria line and will support those units that were sold from the National City location. As for the current ads that he has been positing, much was left over from his closing as he told me that he planned to continue to sell it all off.

I don't know what to tell you about the hit and miss in communicating with him. This might have just been a matter of getting phone lines to forward and settling in to working from home again, etc.

It's probably just best to contact him through the Audiogon email system until it all sorts out. - But he does get back to people.

I'm in no way affiliated with him anymore... need to make that clear. I'm just reiterating what he told me his last week in business and expressing my own observations. I'm sure he's doing what is right for him now.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for the clarification. I, too, found Jeff to be exceptional! Both you and Jeff always made me feel welcome.

I remember I bought my preamp from him years ago. Of course, he was really nice in the transaction. Packed the hell out of that thing too...yards and yards of bubble wrap spooled around the chassis. It was fun to unwrap. I hate this part of audio because you know these terrific retailers aren't going to be replaced.
Hi there,

Does anybody have contact with Jeff ?

He was recently panning to build new Sonic Euphoria PLCs, but may have encountered some difficulties as he no longer responds to messages

Thank youv very much
Hi There,
I am looking for a way to contact Jeff at his new location or home (I am located in Europe)

Maybe has he encountered unexpected difficulties ?

I very recently bought one of his new generation SONIC EUPHORIA PLCs (balanced "Ti" version) and would appreciate to get some news

Thank you very much
did you able contact jeff?Have you received the pre?
I'm asking this because I'm having a similar problem (I live in europe (Italy)me too!)
I paid the first of Agoust 2009 by paypal for a pre and I'm still waiting it.
Before the communication was very nice but after that I bought the pre Jeff wrote me only two mail:
the 12 of september and last the 6 of october;in both, he planned the dispatch for the day after.
I asked clarify: nothing!
I'm very disappointed ,and I don't know how to do

Thank you
(I'm sorry for my english)
He's been out of business for around two years. I haven't heard/seen anything from/about him.
Did you pay bu credit card? if so, have the charges reversed.
Jeff ,sometime, sells on ebay (sonic-euphoria);in october he sold some audio cables.
I paid by paypal using a rechargeble credit card. I'll ask assistance to paypal but....
Wow I never thought to check Audiogon after jeff went out of business. He had my Music Hall MM-7 in for repair when he closed shop, and I've tried to track him down since. Anybody heard anything lately?, as I really would like some kind of explanation why he never contacted me to pick up the turntable before he closed his doors.

It appears his eBay account is closed too. I bought tons of equipment from him over the years. I kept in touch with him and bought items from him even after I moved from San Diego. Sorry to see him shut his doors.