Jeffs Sound Values in CA. PH not working/closed?

Anyone know if they moved or closed? PH says disconnected, FAX rings but no answer.
Thanks, John
We repaired a component for Jeff. The timing seems to have been just before he closed down. I gave him a call to go over things once we assessed the situation. We talked for a while, including many things audio. Seemed like one heck of a nice guy.

I hate it when businesses like this close down. His was one of the legacy audio businesses.
It's a real shame when guys this good are forced out of business.. Sorry to see him go off-line.

Great guy to do business with.... I'd like to see him make a go of it again...

Hi guys,

I managed Jeff's Sound Values for roughly 5 years up 'till about 21 months ago, when I left to open my own business.
Believe me when I tell you what has already been said here, Jeff's heart is in the right place.
He's a good guy who's retail endeavor just took some bad turns.

He very much plans to continue with the Sonic Euphoria line and will support those units that were sold from the National City location. As for the current ads that he has been positing, much was left over from his closing as he told me that he planned to continue to sell it all off.

I don't know what to tell you about the hit and miss in communicating with him. This might have just been a matter of getting phone lines to forward and settling in to working from home again, etc.

It's probably just best to contact him through the Audiogon email system until it all sorts out. - But he does get back to people.

I'm in no way affiliated with him anymore... need to make that clear. I'm just reiterating what he told me his last week in business and expressing my own observations. I'm sure he's doing what is right for him now.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for the clarification. I, too, found Jeff to be exceptional! Both you and Jeff always made me feel welcome.