Jena Labs Model One Fundamental Power Cords

After 5 years of using combinations of Shunyata and Elrod power cords, which after having auditioned a plethora of other cords I had settled on, I have jumped ship. The Shunyata's and Elrods , in combination with various Power Conditioners including Hydra's and Jena's own Fundamental Power conditioner has up to this point given me the best, clean power I've experienced. Till now. I've spent a little over a week auditioning a new PC from Jena Labs which incorporates, via a small built in box, a single fundamental power conditioner in each cord. The pc box is positioned approximatel 18" from the male plug, and measures approximately 8"x5"x1". The cord "runs" right through the middle of the box. The idea was ostensibly to obviate extra connections between a free standing power conditioner and wall, and additionally the component plugged into it. I've spent the last week or so A/B'ing the Jena's against Shunyata Anaconda Vx and Vx alpha, Elrod Signatures and Purist Audio Dominus rev C with ferox and Rev B. A/B'ing single PC's up to whole system replacement yielded similar results but to greater degrees as the number of cords was increased. The first thing notable was a startling drop in noise floor, which I didn't think could happen. Black, black background, out of which detail and subtle musical cues arose that were previously lost or glazed over. A slight grunge or haze with the previous cords, of which I was unaware, became evident by virtue of its absence. The resultant increase in musical information was startling, particularly given the system was already very revealing. And unlike my experience with free standing power conditioners, not the least bit of compression. Musical presentation is very relaxed, natural and musical, absence of stridency in the upper registers, and bass that is textured, deep but not the least bit compressed, as was my experience particularly when plugging my amps into a power conditioner. Not so now. I guess fundamentally what I hear are all the benefits of a power conditioner with an even greater degree of blackness of background with absolutely no compression and, in fact, a marked level of natural and relaxed presentation while still retaining superb detail retrieval. Given I have dedicated lines to each component and a resolving system prior to these changes makes the improvements I hear all the more impressive and frankly surprising. This is the implementation of a great idea, that has certainly improved my system. And in the greater scheme of things, given one can obviate external power conditioners and their pc's, can be a cost effective approach to clean power and system improvement. Obviously I'm not a professional reviewer, and this not necessarily meant to be a review. This is just one happy camper trying to express his happiness over a product that brings one of those unexpected increments in ones systems performance.
I have had the opportunity to hear these in a friends system of which I am very familiar with, there too replacing top Shunyata gear. The results were very similar to your own findings. Solo vocals and piano were reproduced with absolute clarity, yet with an incredibly smooth and natural presentation. Mid to low bass had improved extension, decay and texture. I was able to look (hear?) much deeper into the recordings than before. The biggest surprise, to me at least, is that the Jena PC revealed shortcomings not previoulsy known to exist. That revelation plus my own listening experiences leave me nearly amazed at the improvements realized.
I have always found Jena Labs net site to be confusing and poorly done. I don't believe the Model One Fundamental power cord is even mentioned. Can I ask where you got your information on this cord and where they were purchased? Thanks!
These are new cords and obviously haven't made it onto the website. Try for further info.
And I was in error on my guesstimates, the box is 6"X4"X2" and located 2 ft from the plug. Light weight cords and flexible.
Nice review, Mark, even if you're hesitant to call it a review. There's not much more I can add to your and Dan's comments other than that, in my system, they made the biggest difference with the VR-9s. The bass just exploded, but without becoming sloppy or overbearing, and the noise floor seemed to drop even further. I thought, at best, that I was going to get a marginal (though probably still significant) improvement when plugging them into the speakers. Boy, was I surprised. Dan will hopefully make his way over to my place this weekend, and he'll either prove me a sage or a lunatic--or a little bit of both. :) Again, nice write-up, Mark.
Andy, I'll see you this weekend to take a listen to the additional Jena PCs on your VR9s. I just have not yet had a chance to call yet. Oh and I'm going with lunatic for now:)
$1800 for 15 amp and I think $1900 for 20 amp. I think they are standard 6 ft in length. Not inexpensive, but better than other cords I have tried that are more expensive, and when you factor in they have a built in Fundamental Power Conditioner, actually quite a good bang for the buck. They truly made a surprisingly significant improvement in my system, and I have paid a good degree of attention to power prior to this given the differences good, clean power has made in my experience.
Just to confirm, you are using them direct to the wall (with dedicated lines)? Have you tried them in the Jena Labs Fundamental Power (3.1 or 6.1?) and if so, what was the result? Thanks for all the info by the way.
I'm using them direct to the wall. 10g romex dedicated lines to each component and cryo'd Jena outlets. I have not tried them with the Fundamental Power.
I spent a few hours experimenting with them with and without the Fundamental 6.1. I had to go back for the first few times, because the differences weren't obvious initially, but after a few times of swapping cables I think I have a hold on it. In my experience, the sound was slightly cleaner, clearer, more detailed, and more focused with the cords for the EMM gear plugged into the 6.1. With the cords plugged straight into the wall, the sound MIGHT have been a tad more open, but it simply wasn't worth the tradeoff in clarity, detail, and, transparency. FWIW, Jennifer, head designer at Jena, recommended plugging the cords into the Fundamental conditioner (if you have one), as this setup yields double the filtration and suffers no dynamic compression.
Thanks for the follow up Hooper. I was concerned that too much of a good thing may indeed compress the sound.
Now, only have to wonder whether to order the 20 amp cord that comes with it with the filter as well!!!
We are finding that right out of the box, they make a huge difference. After 50 hours or so, the sound seems to open up even more.

The reports are consistent with all those using the Fundamental Power One's.
I've been using similar power conditioners for the last 5 years. The Foundation Research LC-1s and LC-2s.

As far as I'm concerned there ain't no substitution for a well-engineered passive and dedicated line conditioner. They just make sense. And I can't imagine listening to any system without such line conditioning.

I've seen one of these new JL line conditioners and they look nice but have yet to hear one. Congratulations to Jena Labs on their new product.

"I've been using similar power conditioners for the last 5 years. The Foundation Research LC-1s and LC-2s."

The concept of an integrated power cord and conditioner is not new, in fact it was pioneered almost 10 years ago by Foundation Research with their line of LCs; the LC1 and LC2.

Kerry Legeard

Have any of you compared the Jena one PC to the Epiphany X PC?
Was the Jena One still an improvement?
Thanks in advance.