JM Lab Alto comments please

gotta do a sound check on these speakers,has anyone heard these,and what did you think????
I heard them at Sound by Singer quite a few years back and liked them, but was not gaga over them, and thought they were way overpriced just like their entire line. You can do a lot better for less money. When I'm listening to $20k speakers, they got to do it top to bottom. I remember being disappointed with the bass. Also the Be tweeter was nice, but I have heard better. Again, lots of hype with beryllium. Got to pay for all those full page back page (inside back cover) ads in Stereophile. They are the (those particular pages)ads that cost the most. It's been a while and my listening experience was short, and coming off auditioning the Micros I thought I would be blown away. Nope. fwiw. peace, warren :)

btw, didn't purchase the Micro Be s either.
I owned them for 5 months and was very disapointed with the bass. Found them very lean and sterile, sounded like a Sophia minus the bass.
I own them and love them. I can see why some people might be disappointed in the bass delivery, but I recently hooked up some PAD Dominus power cables to my digital players and the bass comes out of the Altos now like a heard of thundering cattle on a stampede. These are superb speakers and worth every penny--at least used.
Anyone ever both the Mezzo's and the Alto's.
The Alto's were the Mezzo's replacement.