Join Dave Brubeck on March 30th in Baltimore

We are performing with legendary pianist and composer Dave Brubeck this coming Sunday March 30th in Baltimore. The program includes the Baltimore premier of Dave's cantata Beloved Son. Also featured are many jazz favorites by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, and other choral jazz works by Dave and Langston Hughes.

I hope all the Baltimore-Washington area audiophiles and jazz lovers can join us. Dave is now 82 years young and going as strong as ever. I am sure we can get Dave to play "Take Five" and many other favorites one more time!

There will also be a photo display chronicling Dave's contributions to the cival rights struggle. Help pay tribute to Dave's efforts over the many decades.

Ticket information is available at WWW.BALTIMORECHORALARTS.ORG and by calling 410-523-7070 or 800-750-0875

Hope to see you there!! I'll be up on stage also.