Jolida JD-100 and Headphones

I'd like to hear from anyone using headphones straight out of the JD-100's headphone jack with sonic success. I'm not currently looking to go to a headphone amp/headphones setup, so I'm more looking for suggestions on headphones that match ok being driven straight from the Jolida's headphone jack. My taste in music includes alternative, classical, opera, blues, jazz - all over the place.

In advance, thanks for your response.
~~~~Wonderful sound, using Senh. HD600(open air). No problem driving them to a level more than loud enough for me.

Just The Facts
I'll agree with FBI. I was really impressed with the Jolida's headphone driving capabilities. I asked Jolida whether the phones went thru the tube stage, and they don't. Just an OPAmp. But it does sound good (I sold my Corda headphone amp) and does drive the HD600's.
Don't know about the amp, but I'll add that I had the HD600s & thought they were mediocre but upgraded to the HD650s & feel they are way, way better: larger images, more soothing mids & highs, more natural bass. I use a Headroom Max amp.