Jolida JD 100 CD Player

Has anyone heard the new JD 100 CD Player? Does anyone know how it comares to the Marantz SA-14 or the Linn Genki?

I have a Jolida SJ 302 Tube amp and Linn Ninka speakers. I am looking for a CD player to match my existing components.

Any thoughts would be most appreciate.

Thank you - Larry
I have been using this CD player and found it to be better sonicaly than A fifteen hundred Audio Lab from England. The build quality is excellent- it uses the top of the line Philips transport. At its price it is a fantastic bargain.

I recently auditioned the JD-100 for 3 days and now have one on order. It added a new smoothness and midrange clarity to my system. I had not heard this type of pleasing reproduction from CD based playback before. For the price, itÂ’s a really nice piece of equipment. I contacted the factory and learned that the stock tubes are Soltex 12AX7's. A tube upgrade could yield even a better unit. In my testing, I also used a power cord upgrade (PS Audio mini-lab). This provided a small enhancement to the detail and soundstage, compared to the stock PC. My only player comparison was with a Denon 2800 DVD/CD player, using D/A processing by a Class'e SSP-30. The noticeable differences in comparing the two players were, the JD-100 had increased sensitivity to bass, although this could the soltex tubes, vocals are much more 3D, and not as flat. The JD soundstage was more realistic, giving the presence of a live performance.
I'm using a JD-100 in my Stereophile Class A system; it's that good. Upgrading the tubes does wonders. It is a matter of taste.
I have the Jolida and love it! I'm running mine through a Sim Audio i5 into Linn Tukans and an ACI Force sub (with Amperex Bugle Boy 12ax7's, which work well in my setup).

I haven't directly compared to the Genki, but I have heard the Genki and have never really warmed up to it. The Ikemi, on the other hand, is wonderful (but a different league price wise).