Jolida JD100 and JD100A,whats the difference?

Somebody knows what is the difference(if there is any) between this two versions of Jolida CD player(what actualy means this "A").Especialy if somebody knows about any possible differences in sound.I bought today one Jolida JD100 from Hong Kong (ser.No. 300211091), and id like to know if there is some better sounding version than mine, or mine unit is up to the newest standards of Jolida?I am from Portugal ,Europe.
I allready asked the same question (via email) the Jolida ,i am waiting for the answer ,but in the meantime i would like to know your respectable opinions, folks . Thanks
As far as I know, the JD100A is the modified version from Parts Connexion. That is the one I have. The difference from the stock version are the FF:

1) 4 sheets of SOUNDCOAT dampening material are applied to the internal chassis

2) 4 EAR compliant Sorbothane isolation feet are put on the bottom.

3) Add 1 pr. of VAMPIRE RCA jacks (OFC Copper body, gold-plated)

4) Replace the internal wiring with 2 ft of DH LABS pure silver, Teflon dielectric, output wire

5) 8 Ultra-fast, soft recovery HEXFRED and FRED diodes are used in the power supply

6) 7 BLACK GATE Standard, N and C grade electrolytic capacitors are added around the coupling caps and power supply

7) 14 AUDIO NOTE Tantalum 1/2 watt resistors are used in the signal path

8) 8 MULTICAP PPMFX grade, metallized polypropylene capacitors are used in the signal path

9) Replace the stock tubes with a matched pair of Svetlana 12AX7 tubes
-TRT Wonder Solder is used throughout

The ad for the modified player included this comments

"SONIC CHANGES of the MODIFICATION are as follows:
-It is Quieter..the BLACK’s are BLACKER..thus, resolving more low level.
-There is more detail and ambience retrieval
-It is Smoother....but more detailed..while at the same time More dynamic
-Tonal balance is more even..from low's to high' addition to the amazingly liquid midrange of the stock machine
-Imaging is cleaner & more defined while Bass is dramatically improved. The modded unit has much fuller weight and authority. The modded unit has less FLUBBY "one note" bass. It sounds more like solid-state in this area.
The Price of the mod is $500.00 + frt on players that are already in the field.
Musically, this modded unit will outperform anything that we have heard for under $2,500.00 and is more harmonically musical than most CD player available at any price."

Based on my experienced using Mullard tubes, all the claims on the ad is true and accurate!

Hope this helps
Funny, I have a JD 100, and it has an articulate bass that goes very deep. There is no blacker than black. The stock 100 is as smooth as can get without getting boring. Yada yada.

There have always been tweak monks when it comes to Jolida. The voicing of the stock Jolida was a painstaking ordeal. Each element was carefully balanced, right down to the positioning of resistors and capacitors, before it's creators were pleased enough to put on the market.

When one replaces elements of the design, then the planned parts synergy is endangered. All the mods I listened to of the Jolida 600's machines were merely expensive failures.

What's more, the Svetlana is a decent tube, but is no match for many others on the market.

We are on the same side here. I enjoy listening to my cd player(JD100A) as well as you enjoy listening to yours (JD100). I just want to clarify that no circuit topology, design, function, balance, etc. were changed/reconfigured/compromised from transforming the stock version to the modified unit. The changes made through using better parts (caps, resistors,signal path wiring, signal jacks, etc)on circuits only to ensure that the full potential of the design and function of those circuits can be maximize. Please, if someone you know (and is quite near to you geographically) has the JD100A, take a listen and compare it to your player. They are different. Both of them are very good in their own way.

I do not believe that the stock version has the same bass response (assuming identical tubes between the two are use)than the modified version. I heard both, and I can bet that they are not the same.

Also, the modification is company/factory approved (warranty stays intact)probably because of two reasons. First, it makes their product outperform other players at higher price points, thus greater visibility on the market place from budget conscious audio enthusiast like us. Second, no changes in the topology, specifications, operation, lay-out, circuit function, etc. were made to jeopardize the integrity of the design. Just improvements on the type/quality of parts used.

Lastly, I am not affiliated by any means to Jolida, Parts Connexion (doing the mod), or any dealers/retailers of Jolida/Parts Connexion products. I am just a consumer who's very satisfied with the player that I bought.
I didn't know that there was a JD100 and JD100A. I recently purchased my Jolida and it is marked JD100A and it is a bone stock unit from Jolida, not the version that is being modified buy Parts Connexion. I haven't heard a modified one yet but the stock one is no slouch and does the things that are claimed for the modified one. The stock unit holds it own against some very expensive digital that I have either demo'd in my own system or heard in others.
Jolidas US dealer(he made Parts Connection Mode) informed me that there is absolutely no difference between two.Both of them are in fact one-JD100A ,but on some units "A" is not printed,little confuse ,he said ,but, so it is.
I saw today ,my unit have Sovtek 12AX7LPS-like stock tubes.Muralman ,whitch tubes are the best for JD100 in your opinion,regardless of price?
Without a doubt, 5751 tubes old stock. They are hard to find, but are relatively inexpensive. I've had much more expensive Telefunken and Mullards on board and the 5751 tubes bested them with greater extension, and detail. The midrange of these tubes are very clear and the background is black, with none of the 12AX tube microphonics.