Jolida JD100S and JD100H?

What is the JD100S? It looks like an update to the Jolida JD100? Does anyone know about this player?

- Tony
Do a search over at AA, there was talk on this "JD100s" a while back. As I recall a reputable Jolida dealer chimed in an advised that the JD100s was an overseas version of the JD100 and was generally inferior to the unit sold in the US. The JD100 "H" on the web site you posted looks to be a standard JD100 and a used one given the price. I have never heard of a JD100 with HDCD capability. I would proceed with caution if you are considering buying either of these units.
I thought the "s" sands for silver. The older ones had a black chassis and silver face, while the new ones are all silver. Call Mike a Jolida, he is very approachable.
Go to Look under "Sorgenti" for CDP reviews. Its an Italian site but you can use Babelfish to translate.

There is a review of the J100S and another review comparing it to the original J100A.

The J100S is not an overseas version of the J100A. Completely different machine. I'm fairly up to date on Chinese audio but the 3rd Jolida machine listed, the Music Van, is a new one on me.

BW Maxx
I have the Jolida JD100S which is basically a JD100 but has 2 12AX7 and 2 12AU7 tubes. I purchased mine from Hong Kong.