Joule LA150MK2 upgrade to LA150SE- Any comments?

Considering upgrading my current Joule LA150MK2 preamp to the LA150SE version at a cost of $1100. Has anyone gone through the conversion process, and can anyone give some feedback as to the changes or improvements? Thanx in advance.
I'm considering this also. I like the sound of the Mk ll and have been reluctant to pull the trigger for fear I'll lose "something" and not like the SE as much as the Mk ll!!!
They are quite similar, unlike the differences between MKI and MKII, I think the bulk of the differences is considerably upgraded capacitors. They are cut from the same cloth so I don't think you will feel you have lost anything. The most noticeable improvement is in improved performance in the bass. Is it it better? I think so, but the MKII is no chopped liver either.
Thanks!!!! "They are cut from the same cloth"....."The most noticeable improvement is in improved performance in the bass" both pretty much what I was concerned about!!! Thanks for taking the time!!
Sam H
Sam, it is a further refinement, not a wholesale change, so you should be ok if you choose to get the upgrade, both are great preamps either way:)
I'm hoping the upgrade to the SE will give me more air and treble. The Mk2 provides more than enough bass note for my ears. I was hoping the Z-caps will provide a bit more sparkle in the high end.
The Joule site describes the sound of the LA150SE as "The bass performance of the preamp is very strong and solid and the treble is open and airy with great extension."
I did not noticed that nearly as much as the bass, but I'm 52 if you know what I mean:)
Hey, I'm 56, and fortunately haven't lost much of the high frequency hearing. :)
Were you wise enough to play your Hendrix and Cream at a modest volume? One too many Grateful Dead concerts for me. I'm a midrange listener now.